More specifically, it's a podcast wherein your hosts act as development executives to some of the most in-demand IP around. Each week, the hosts are tasked with pitching their take on an adaptation, remake, or franchise. 

Speaking of hosts...

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I started studying health sciences in university and that kind of sucked so then I went to film school. Film school was much better for me. I found something I loved. In that something that I loved was something I didn't like as much, bad movies. Now I I am podcasting with James talking about how I would make some movies awesome and getting judged on that. Where are my qualifications? Shut up, that's where! I also did a development internship in New York, a distribution internship in Toronto and edited many a script in my time. 

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I drew the short straw in life and had to go to film school with Yaw. After dropping out, I went about my business making films, including directing the short film Interview With a Time Traveler, starring Elias Toufexis & Eric Johnson. I am an Associate Producer on the feature film adaptation of Eckhart Tolle's children's story, Milton's Secret, which stars Donald Sutherland & Michelle Rodriguez, and am currently adapting the Heavy Metal comic series ReincarNate into a TV series for Buck Productions.

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